Photo: The founding brothers Martin Schlotfeldt (on the right) and Matthias Schlotfeldt (on the left) with the manufacturer Suriwan Dangam (in the middle) when visiting Thailand


Looking for something unique that stands out from the usual mass consumerism? Here at livasia, you’ll find handmade mattresses and pillows at fair prices and with authentic charm! When it comes to our products, we truly care about quality. All our products are handmade with love in Thailand. You’ll find traditional and unique Thai patterns and many different colours, so you can enjoy a piece of Thailand in your own home. By buying directly from the source, we skip the intermediaries in the supply chain. This guarantees fair wages for local producers and their families and fair prices for our customers. Over the years, we’ve developed lasting friendships with our suppliers and their families.


As a company, we care deeply about sustainability and the conditions in which our products are made. All our Thai cushions are filled 100% with the precious filling material kapok! Plus, we regularly visit our production sites in Thailand to stay in close contact with our manufacturers. While this is quite rare in the 21st century, we’re proud to be a hands-on and on-ground team!


Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We strive to deliver excellent customer service and bring kindness into all customer interactions. Your wishes, ideas and feedback are always welcome. We love to hear from you via email and are happy to provide you with design ideas and will assist you with any and all questions you may have.

100% Kapok

Our Thai cushions are only filled with wild-growing, pure and untreated kapok


For the cover, we only use durable cotton


Our kapok products are sewn with double seam and lovingly stuffed by hand


Direct import without wholesale traders guarantees fair prices


Sustainable and responsible production


Suitable for outdoor use – due to the solid filling, no cold from the ground can come through


We are Martin and Matthias, the founding brothers of livasia. We’re both die-hard Asia fans. During our studies, we fell in love with the kind and caring nature of the people in Thailand.

While spending a semester in New Zealand, Martin was lucky to explore Thailand for a few weeks. Matthias had always been fascinated by China and studied Chinese and Philosophy. Almost 10 years ago, Martin decided to learn the Thai language in Thailand (Chiang Mai). Meanwhile, Matthias decided to spend a year abroad in China to learn Chinese characters for his studies.

We first came in touch with kapok while travelling in the subtropical rainforest in Thailand. After our first night sleeping in a camp somewhere in the Thai jungle, we woke up exceptionally relaxed and rested. As it turned out, our good night’s sleep was no coincidence since we had just spent our first night on the colourful Thai mats.

Kapok – what is it?

We were both stunned! What was the deal with these comfortable cushions and mattresses we’d slept on, and how had they made it this far into the jungle? The answers came promptly... “You slept on traditional Thai cushions filled with kapok!” Huh?! Kapok. Wait, who doesn’t know what kapok is?!

And so we quickly decided to learn more about this magical material. The same day, we hiked far to see the kapok trees ourselves and marvel at their large pods. Inside, we spotted an incredibly fluffy material that reminded us of the softness and quality of down feathers.

Learn more about kapok here!

We couldn’t stop thinking about it! Why was such great and natural filling material not known in Europe? So we decided on our mission while still in the jungle: We had to bring this miraculous all-natural material to our home country and spread the word!

Our first steps as entrepreneurs

The first time Martin returned home from Thailand almost ten years ago, he brought with him a small container and several Thai cushions in his personal luggage. In the beginning, we stored everything in our stepfather’s barn. As a former farmer, our stepfather had farmed over 100 hectares, which ultimately helped us convince him of our idea to make kapok more popular in Germany. Phew, it wasn’t an easy mission in the beginning. Still, he let us convert his large barns for our purposes.

We’re still mindblown at all the changes that have come with a globalising world. Until a few decades ago, you could find only grain fields here in the countryside. In contrast, we’ve now created an online shop for Asian cushions and furniture, right smack on an old farm in rural Germany. Wild!

After the first few years and with a lot of help from family and friends, our store became increasingly popular. More and more people are now excited about Thai cushions and unique furniture from Asia. Meanwhile, we’ve also grown a real team! What started as a questionable idea with some initial scepticism towards our “kapok mission” has become a full-time passion for sharing our joy for Asian designs!

To this day, our business feels like a family-run business. While we moved our warehouse to a new location early on due to a rapidly growing community and demand, our main office remains on our stepfather’s farm.